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TIP from a Tech - AC System Tune-up for Summer

You may not be aware of this, but your air conditioning unit needs a little love and attention from time to time. That way it can return the favor by keeping your home cool and comfortable all summer long. The best way to remind your system that you haven’t forgotten about it is to schedule an AC system tune-up with an HVAC certified tech.

In conducting a tune-up, the technician visits your home and performs a complete air conditioning system checklist, ensuring optimal performance. After all systems have been checked and tested, a final analysis can be produced to fully educate you on your air conditioning situation. A comprehensive tune-up before the summer season hits full stride has some important benefits for your home, including:

  • Extending the life of your current system.
  • Preventing the potential need for expensive, more serious repairs down the road.
  • Improving system efficiency, lowering energy bills and improving air quality.
  • Identifying any current issues so they can be corrected.

For those who’ve never had their systems checked, it can be easy to believe that no issues will occur. None have so far, so why should you worry now right? Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case. Ignoring the need for a tune-up can allow costly problems to develop. Since HVAC systems are so streamlined nowadays, an error in one part can snowball into a system-wide failure. One fault can quickly domino-effect into another, leading to awful consequences for you and your home. Some of the dangers of putting off a tune-up include:

Buildups and clogs that keep air from flowing properly.

Proper cleaning and maintenance of your ductwork can prevent this from happening and ensure your home stays comfortable and cool.

Strange sounds coming from the AC unit.

One telltale sign that a system is in need of immediate attention is the presence of unusual sounds emanating from the AC units. These often signal the imminent failure of parts within a system. Consider these to be your “last warnings.”

Faulty thermostat readings.

A potential consequence of a failing system is an inaccurate thermostat; misleading homeowners to the climate of their home. With incorrect thermostat readings, any attempts to modify the climate will be met with disappointment.

Costly power bills.

Often times, a sudden surge in energy bills can be traced back to a problem in the HVAC system. A tune-up would pin-point the fault, allowing a reduction in energy costs upon treatment.

A warmer home over time.

Going unchecked can allow an HVAC system to run low on refrigerant, which is used to cool the air. Over time, the system will be unable to sufficiently chill air flow.

The negatives of avoiding tune-ups are varied, but all are assuredly unfortunate. Without a doubt, keeping an air conditioning system running at 100% is integral to keeping you and your family comfortable all summer long. A pre-season tune-up is a vital step in allowing your system to do just that.

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