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Beating Dry Air In Your Boise Home With An In-Home Humidifier

BryantMuch of southwestern Idaho is considered a “cold desert,” meaning that it has hot summers and cold winters. In addition, this means that naturally the area is very dry. What this entails for people like you and I is that the air contains very little moisture (low humidity), which leads to problems such as increased dust in the home, dry, itchy skin, dried out nasal passages, and persistent coughing. Problems associated with low humidity levels aren’t limited to your health, as dry air can also lead to cracked furniture, wood floors, and paint.

With so many issues resulting from dry air in your home, it’s comforting to know that a solution is both effective and easy. By installing a Perfect Air in-home humidity control system, you have the power to monitor the air’s moisture levels and maintain complete comfort in your home year-round. With the entire system being operated by a wall-mounted control panel, all it takes is the press of a button to increase or decrease the amount of moisture in your home.

Investing in this system will also help you cut your heating costs. Dry air causes you to feel colder than it actually is. The opposite is true for air with a high level of humidity. This happens because when the air is dry, the moisture in your body will evaporate quicker (or in other words, sweat) causing you to feel cool. When the air is very humid, your body will not sweat as rapidly causing it to retain heat and leaving you feeling warm. Since your body feels warmer when the humidity levels are ideal, you can feel warmer in your home without having to increase the temperature. Thus rather than cranking up the temp in the winter, instead you can adjust the humidity and feel nice and toasty just the same.

Humidity control systems also reduce the following issues that are associated with dry climates like we have here in the Treasure Valley: cracked and dry skin, chapped lips, snoring at night, allergic reactions, and irritated nasal passages.

Still not convinced? For more information on everything regarding in-home humidity control systems, give our experts a call at 208-965-8343.

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