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Tree roots are often one of the biggest problems faced by a homeowner when it comes to their drains.

They can cause blockages, breaks and even backup floods within the house. And since the problem is usually below ground it can be both difficult to find and fix.

The traditional method is to use a power auger with a special root-cutting bit. A cable is inserted into the pipe or drain until it reaches the tree root. Then the auger and it's bit are moved back and forth to gnaw away at the root. Once the root is completely cut through and effectively removed, the pipe is then flushed out with water to remove any debris.

A newer method features a chemical which is pumped into sewer lines and pipes, acting as a weed killer to kill the obstructive tree root. This method also prevents re-growth for years to come. With the traditional method of auger and bit, re-growth can occur by the next spring. Most of the compounds used are biodegradable and will not harm the tree overall, except for the offending root.

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